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It's all energy! If physical changes aren't creating the positive shifts you are seeking in life, working with your energy can help create those shifts by releasing unseen blockages in the body. Reiki is a T&C specialty, most of our practitioners share this healing modality, collectively we offer you Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Sound Healing, and Reflexology. In a way, these are all specialty treatments offered by practitioners trained in multiple modalities of energy work.


Reiki is a form of energy healing, or energy "work," while your session will be quite restful as you lie down and receive, you may experience big shifts - and that's where the work begins as your body and mind integrate the change in energetic flow. 


Reiki is a form of energy healing, it is an ancient Japanese form of alternative medicine passed down through a lineage of Reiki Master Teachers. In a Reiki session, a certified practitioner uses a blend of hands on and hands off techniques to channel energy from the universe to YOU the recipient. The transfer of magnified loving energy encourages emotional and/or physical healing. Chakras, or energy centers of the body, are balanced with techniques to remove excess energy and blocks. Feel relaxed, renewed, and refreshed after an amazing session.

60 minutes $95

Add-On to Massage or Facial $35


In a Shamanic Reiki session, you will receive intuitive guidance as well as receive energy healing. Some of the techniques that may be included in your session are reiki, shamanic journey, cutting of energetic ties, chakra illumination, aura cleansing, egg healing and shamanic extraction. This service is exclusively offered by Tracy, and clients travel from near and far to book a session with her.

60 minutes $105

90 minutes $160


If you are unable to travel or live far from Marion, MA you can book a distance session. With her training, Tracy connects to you distantly and will provide all the guidance and benefits of an in-person session.  Your long distance Shamanic Reiki session will include a long distance shamanic home clearing, intuitive guidance and an energy cleansing for everyone in the household. This service is exclusively offered by Tracy.

40 minutes $70


This is an out call service. Your session will include a home visit, energetic clearing and energy cleansing and blessing for the home. Then together with Tracy you will infuse intentions throughout your own home, turning it back into your sanctuary. This service is exclusively offered by Tracy.

$150 per hour


Sound is vibration that travels in waves which can be heard and felt when they reach your body, as simple as this sounds (pun intended) the effects can be profound. Many different instruments create sound, and specific frequencies can be used to encourage a state of non-sleep deep rest, nervous system reset and emotional release.  


Reiki & Sound healing sessions offer a combination of a Reiki session with sound healing. Sounds may include crystal sound healing bowls, tuning forks, and chimes. Our sessions may also include healing crystals if requested. All you have to do is lay down and receive.This service is exclusively offered by Jerome.
NOTE: Sound healing can be contraindicated when the recipient has a pace maker, metal rods inside of the body or has a seizure disorder. Please let your practitioner know if you have any of these health concerns and they will tailor the session to meet your needs.

60 minutes $95


Reflexology is a holistic healing modality based on the premise that there are “reflexes” or specific points on the feet, hands and outer ears, which correspond to the internal organs, glands and body parts. When they are palpated, it creates a specific relaxation response in the corresponding organ or body part.


In a session you will receive reflexology on your feet while lying down on a warmed massage table, different reflex points will be activated through skillful and loving touch, which may in turn create big shifts in the physical and emotional bodies. This service is offered exclusively by Lynn. 

60 minutes $95

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